DIY Christmas Ribbon Earrings

DIY Christmas Ribbon Earrings


I’m not one of those people who can just come up with an idea for a craft project; I’m more of a copier than an inventor. My desire to DIY usually comes from when I see something that I like but I know that I could make it better somehow, or more often, I know I could make it for cheaper than it’s being sold for.

I was inspired to make these earrings just about a year ago when I was out shopping with Jake, his mom, and his sister on Thanksgiving weekend of 2017. We stopped in J. Crew and while browsing, I stumbled upon these earrings that I loved–but I didn’t love the price. Here they are:


I liked the idea of them, but I thought they’d look more amazing in a classic red for Christmas. So I took a picture to remind myself of how they looked, and I told myself that I’d make a pair. Well, I didn’t end up making that pair until about a year later. But hey, it gave me the opportunity to create my first DIY-related blog post! Keep reading to see how I did it.

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