WIP Wednesday March 2019: Changing Things Up

WIP Wednesday March 2019: Changing Things Up


Last month, I made a goal to reduce my screen time. I promised myself that I’d be more mindful of how much time I was spending on my phone and watching YouTube.

This past Sunday, I wrote a post about how goals can sometimes be harmful. I discussed my often problematic relationship with goals, without explicitly sharing that some inspiration for that post drew from my WIP Wednesday series.

This series has become unproductive for me.

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Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

Remember when I said that I’d be posting on Sunday mornings? I’ve already lied to you. It’s Wednesday, and here’s another new post for you.

It’s the first Wednesday of the month.

I want to introduce you to a project I’m starting, and even though this is a life project, I can’t seem to separate it from a crochet metaphor in my mind.  It goes like this:

If you’re a yarn crafter, you know how tempting it can be to gather patterns for projects you would love to make. You may even go so far as to buy the yarn, but let’s face it, some projects never get started.Even more projects never get finished. My life feels kind of like my yarn stash right now. It’s a mix of exciting possibilities, overwhelming potential, and a bit of guilt for letting some endeavors sit for so long. (I’m thinking of you, granny square blanket that I started in 2015).

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